Odwiedź Lublin i doceń piękno historyczne naszego miasta. Lublin zauroczył już wielu, a klimat Starego Miasta, szczególnie latem, jest niepowtarzalny. Lubelskie jest także świetnym miejscem dla fanów spotkań z naturą.

Distances from the hotel:

  • 8 km - Zemborzycki Reservoir
  • 12 km – Castle of Lublin
  • 12 km – Trinitarian Tower
  • 12 km – Botanical Garden
  • 16 km – former German concentration camp Majdek established by Heinrich Himmler
  • 22 km – Nałęczów – a town famous for its waters rich in magnesium as well as specific, healing microclimate that creates favourable conditions for lowering blood pressure
  • 38 km – Zamoyski Palace in Kozłówka, which was ranked 1st place on the list of “7 new miracles of Poland” and won the competition “Poland is the best” organized by National Geographic Traveler magazine
  • 45 km – Kazimierz Dolny – one of the most famous tourist destinations in Poland and abroad with a hundred-year tradition of art colony. Beside tourism, Kazimierz Dolny is known for its connections with art as it became a real artists’ oasis
  • 96 km – Zamość – a city which, due to its unique architectural and urban complex, is often called “the Pearl of the Renaissance”, “the City of Arcades” or “Northern Padua”. In 1992, the Old City of Zamość has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.